depth-first search

Posted by anton
on Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  • decide to write a blog post
    • play with formatting
      • realize that there is a new version of a blogging tool
        • start upgrading blogging tool in test in vmware instance
          • realize that new vmware server is out
            • upgrade vmware
              • upgrade vmware tools (never easy!)
              • play with new vmware server options
          • realize that the new version of os is out
            • upgrade the os
          • notice that logrotate is not working correctly
            • fix log rotation
          • realize that rsync backups are b0rked
            • attempt to fix them, but fail
          • upgrade db while at it
          • upgrade web server while at it
        • screw around with formatting on the upgraded blog platform
          • fail to get pagination to work (like i fail every single time)
          • fix the theme since upgrade broke it
        • start upgrading prod and realize it does not have enough physical resources
          • consider switching hosting providers
            • really consider switching hosting providers
              • ...
                • ...
                  • ...
                    • ...
                      • no, no, no! there lies madness!
                        • stack overflow!
  • two days later write this blog post

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