Posted by anton
on Thursday, November 15, 2007

speaking of motivation, this article by esther derby that muness pointed out to me a while ago is quite appropriate. here’s a quote:

Most people show up for a new job with high motivation. They’re excited and they want to do a good job. But as the weeks pass, motivation dribbles away. It’s not because managers are failing to motivate these once-enthusiastic people. It’s because organizational systems, policies-and yes, management actions-actively demotivate people.

sadly, i’ve seen this happen over and over again.

this time with the newcomer is quite special – take advantage of it (or cultivate it, if possible). they have a perspective and the motivation that might disappear later. they can bring in the new ideas, point out something you’ve never thought of, or simply challenge the status quo. this sort of disruptive energy is very healthy and should happen on regular basis… just stop demotivating me! (sorry, i could not resist – the article title is way too catchy)


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